JSE – Standing Seam

JSE - Standing Seam

World Class Standing Seam Roofing System
Advantages :
• Better preference for Leakage prone areas
• No end Laps to protect leakage
• Single Sheet length can be installed as per site
• It’s 180 (0) double lock seam design helps to
keep the roof water and dust free .
• On Site Roll Forming

JSE standing seam roof sheet covers entire structure with panels joined together with double lock standing seam along with specially designed dip. All the panels are joined together by a portable electric seamer. The arrangement of clips are designed for seaming with JSE SS roof metal sheet.

JSE – Standing Seam
JSE also provide on site role forming for better quality and to avoid. This roof system is attached to the building with a unique dip arrangement. The Jse-seam sheets are custom rolled to any transportable length maximum upto 13 meters. However, our specialized service of On-Site Roll Forming enables single length sheet up to 100 meter long without end laps- therefore on most jobs you can have single sheet from ridge to eaves resulting into zero laps.