Metal False Ceiling Systems

Metal False Ceiling Systems

System Description
Ceiling Panels : Available in both aluminum and steel with powder coated or coil coated finishes, with and without perforation-, for improved acoustics.
Areas of application All types of public or private building used for commercial, industrial or residential purposes The ceiling system enhances the appearance of new and old building alike. Example includes Offices, Educational building, Health care centres, Hotels, Hospitals and Entertainment places, Sports and
leisure area, Retail stores and Shopping malls, Computer rooms, Laboratories. External Canopies, Warehouses. Workshops, Showrooms, factories & Airports etc

Metal False Ceiling Systems
JSE 84 R is meant for bath for interior and exterior applications. The round edges on this profile create a special effect. Panels can be replaced for easy maintenance or for a new look can be imparted by changing colors. Special perforation allow customized acoustic design.

Tiles / Planks are available both with powder coated finish & Coil coated finish and available in 0.50mm galvanized steel / 0.70mm aluminum. Tiles & Planks are available with the following fixing system.

Clips – in – tile :- Two sides of each tile are raised and pipped & stopped to ensure positive engagement into the spring tee yet allow de – mounting individual tiles.

Lay-in system :- The tiles have a flange on each end which lays on the exposed grid.

Wall angle :- Tiles/Planks are trimmed along the wall perimeter by means of roll formed steel or aluminum edge cover profile of required size.