Indian PEB segment requires new technologies

17 November 21

Jarnail Singh, Managing Director – JSE Engg Projects Pvt. Ltd

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What are the advantages of Pre-Engineered Buildings vis-à-vis traditional construction technologies. Why PEB has not reached true market potential in India?
Pre-Engineered Buildings, certainly has some specific advantages like-time saving, long lasting and cost saving in comparison of the traditional system. However it has not been recognized in Indian context yet, because the technology could not reach properly to all the markets and people in the way it should have been.

Going forward, what is the growth you anticipate for PEB usage nationwide?
The growth for the PEB market in India is very promising and with the above mentioned advantages, the segment will be soon recognized well across the nation. The segment requires new technologies with more companies entering the field with innovations. It also requires new aspects of Architects and proper publicity to take it to the masses.

With new construction technologies such as PEB, pre-fabrication emerging – do you think demand for traditional brick and mortar type constructions will fall?
Yes! As we can see now-a-days, industrial storage, sheds, steel buildings are more in trend. In fact, due to these advantages, this is a better way for the premises and building systems, therefore they are using it more instead of the traditional brick.
undertakes all projects on turnkey basis and work with our clients from conceptual stage of the project to its final execution.
Jarnail Singh in an E-mail interaction with Lalitha Rao talks on the Indian PEB segment and its growth potential.

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